Spojená škola Juraja Henischa

Gymnázium, SOŠ polytechnická, Slovenská 5, Bardejov

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Welding school

The Welding School is part of the Juraj Henisch United School. Graduates of the Welding School obtain a welding license for the given scope of authorization. 1)

The joint school of Juraj Henisch in Bardejov offers rich opportunities for practical teaching, which also includes the concept of the Welding School. It is no newcomer, it has been writing its history since 1993. During the past years, it has undergone extensive modernization and allows interested parties to take courses at basic and higher qualification levels.

Welding school
Bardejov Welding School

Welding school no. 208

Welding school no. 208 at the Juraj Henisch United School in Bardejov has been participating in retraining in the field of welding (welder profession) in the Bardejov district, as well as in other districts of our region, since 1994. The welding school offers a wide selection of courses that cover practically all requirements for the welding profession in our region, has sufficient capacity options, as well as high-level technical equipment of workplaces and high-quality staffing.

In March 2019, the Welding School underwent a complete renovation

  • new air conditioning with recuperation
  • new LED lighting
  • new workshop equipment (work tables, cabinets.)
  • new welding technique
  • the welding school owns a welding simulator,
  • plasma burning CNC machine.

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