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Fostering Social Inclusion Through Artistic Skills

About the project

Fostering Social Inclusion Through Artistic Skills project aims at reducing the risk of social exclusion which some of our students face, thus giving them the opportunity to reduce or eliminate the dangers associated with that risk (early school leaving, poor academic achievement, failure to continue studies). The means to achieve that result is with the promotion and fostering of artistic and sport skills, since we consider them to be excellent tools to improve cohesion and inclusion.

Our Learning, Teaching and Training activities have been designed to work a different skill each time (cartoons, music, storytelling, sport, photography and video). Therefore, participants will have the chance to experience a wide range of disciplines in order to fight exclusion and to sensitize other students and families about the problems that exclusion brings. According to questionnaires applied in all partner schools, students who are mostly exposed to these problems are students with fewer opportunities because they face exclusion factors like disabilities, health problems, educational difficulties (early school leavers, poor school performance), cultural differences (immigrants, ethnic minorities), economic obstacles (low standard of living, low income, unemployment), social obstacles (gender discrimination, ethnicity, religion, young/single parents) and geographic obstacles (remote or rural areas, poor facilities). This project aims at:

  • raising awareness on the consequences social exclusion can have for 300 students from partner schools, by the end of the project
  • increasing the academic performance, class attendance and reducing the early school dropout rate for 300 students by August 2022
  • - increasing by 50%, during the project, the number of actions and educational activities which promote creativity
  • providing 300 students, by the end of the project, some extra assistance and tools, which can range from more tuition, access to equipment they may not have at home, psychological help, and materials so that they can face their challenges they encounter in their school lives

The target group of this project will mainly consists of students who face social exclusion, aged 14-18. With the help of this project, these students will have the chance to pass over these barriers they have because of the exclusion factors, they will improve their school results, increase the academic performance, improve their general well-being, become active, responsible and socially integrated citizens. Each school, depending on the number of students and their skills, will select a number of at least 30 students.


TURKEY- Social Inclusion through Cartoons

POLAND- Social Inclusion through Music

ROMANIA- Social Inclusion through Storytelling

GERMANY- Social Inclusion through Sports

SLOVAKIA- Social Inclusion through Photography

SPAIN- Social Inclusion through Videos

Erasmus Plus - Fostering Social Inclusion Through Artistic Skills

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