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RouterOS v.7.5

01/09/2022 09:02 RouterOS

Your Mikrotik will be updated to the new RouterOS version from v.7.4.1 to v.7.5 (Update channel: stable)

RouterOS v.7.5

Final report with the detailed information will be sent when update process is completed. If you have not received second email in the next 5 minutes, then probably something went wrong. (Check your device logs)

System backups were created and attached to this email.

Device information:
Identity: RB3011_i2 Model: RouterBOARD 3011UiAS
Serial number: 783D0803678D
Current RouterOS: 7.4.1 (stable) Aug/04/2022 11:48:11
Current routerboard FW: 7.4.1
Device uptime: 3w2d05:15:26

Mikrotik RouterOS automatic backup & update (ver. 22.01.17) https://github.com/beeyev/Mikrotik-RouterOS-automatic-backup-and-update

Táto stránka bola navštívená:

Dnes: 1 / Včera: 1, Doteraz: 40


wifi/routeros/routeros_v.7.5.txt · Posledná úprava: 01/09/2022 09:14 od aix150